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Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) provide real-time information about the weather and roadway conditions. Information is used to help operations and maintenance personnel stay informed about what is happening on the roadway to make timely decisions and improve traffic safety.

Our road weather systems are NTCIP compliant and offer a non-proprietary, open architecture design that allows maximum flexibility in choosing road weather sensors and telemetry options. HSE offers a variety of road weather sensors—both fixed and mobile devices, in addition to safety warning icy road systems.

Whether your agency needs to initiate alarms, mobilize emergency personnel or active road weather system related closures, HSE provides a professional solution to quickly and reliably transform data into actionable information.

Fixed Road Weather Sensors

Mobile Road Weather Sensors

Icy Road Warning

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Road weather systems management solutions:

  • Know what is happening along your roadways in all conditions. HSE’s Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) provide scientific grade measurements so you can be assured of their accuracy.
  • Maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) by utilizing road weather information to make decisions that help protect lives and property and efficiently maintain roadways.
  • Reduce accidents by providing feedback to the traveling public using weather-responsive traffic management. Flash warning beacons when there are high winds, activate a roadside message sign when the roads are icy or send text alerts when there is fog.


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