Contrail® Connect Software

Contrail® Connect is a 12-month (yearly) software subscription for HSE’s line of mobile road weather sensors.

When purchased with our bundled product packages, the software subscription is included for the first year. At the end of the initial 12-month subscription, your subscription will auto-renew on an annual basis, and you will incur the cost for the subscription until you explicitly cancel your subscription in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Contrail Connect 12-month software subscription provides ongoing software updates and continuing support of the most current release of the software during the annual or service subscription term.

Contrail® Connect is a 12-month (yearly) software subscription for HSE’s line of mobile road weather sensors.

The Mobile IceSight™ or Mobile Surface Sentinel™ road weather sensors send data via our StormLink® Mobile Processing Unit (with integrated cellular modem and GPS) to provide location-based data to Contrail Connect.

Smart data push rules are used to send data to Contrail Connect software for processing, when you need it, limiting cellular data usage. Store and forward technology is used when the vehicle is not in cellular communication range ensuring data are not lost.

With Contrail Connect, real-time data is displayed on an intuitive maps interface ideal for fleet management. Each vehicle is displayed on the map with color coded trails based on the sensor data. Event-based vehicle information such as plow up/down and spreader on/off can also be collected.


  • Return On Investment. Reduce winter maintenance labor and material by knowing when and where road treatment is needed
  • Expand Road Weather System. Economically fill in the gaps between existing Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS)
  • Route Optimization. Know the weather where your assets are in real-time to deploy resources as needed or route fleet around inclement weather

StormLink and Contrail are registered trademarks of OneRain Incorporated and used by High Sierra Electronics with permission.