Contrail for Dam Safety – Series 8400

Contrail® for Dam Safety configures your server and displays for dam safety applications using OneRain.

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Contrail® for Dam Safety

OneRain configures your server and displays for dam safety applications.

Examples of configurations:

  • Rainfall Summary
  • Stream Summary
  • Dashboard Displays
  • Embedded RFC Graphs
  • Thresholds for Display and Alarms
  • Alarms

Contrail has special screens and configurations for dam safety:




Contrail flexible deployment options

We offer solutions for small to large scale. Several configuration architectures are possible. As an enterprise-level software platform, Contrail offers a highly scalable, secure, and reliable software architecture built for the age of Web-access and modern data collection practices. Flexible deployment options and implementations ensure system resiliency, high availability and real-time monitoring to support your critical mission.

More and more organizations are realizing the benefits of combining on-site and hosted Contrail software deployment options. With Contrail, you have three flexible options. Whether to host your own solution on-site, we host it for you (or combination of both), or choosing the software-as-a-service option.

No matter which solution you choose, only a standard web browser is needed on the user’s end to access the Contrail application across all devices—desktop and mobile—no special mobile “apps” required.

Contact us to discuss the implementations that ensure system resiliency, high availability and real-time monitoring to support your critical mission. Talk to us today to find out what best meets the needs of your organization.