Contrail for Road Weather – Series 8400

Contrail® – software for Road Weather (RWIS)

Contrail® is configured to collect and disseminate data from an array of road weather sensors, pavement sensors, fixed road weather stations, mobile RWIS sensors, and traffic cameras.  Your software, server, and displays are configured for monitoring RWIS data and related road weather conditions.

Examples of configurations:

  • Road Conditions
  • Dashboard Displays
  • Weather Conditions
  • Snow Plow Operations
  • Embedded Video Displays
  • Thresholds for Display and Alarms
  • Alarms


Contrail® – software for Road Weather (RWIS)

Contrail® for Road Weather software by sister company, OneRain, collects, stores, analyses, and disseminates data from an array of road weather sensors, pavement sensors, road weather stations, mobile RWIS sensors, and traffic cameras in an RWIS network to provide a complete overview and management of your Road Weather Information System data.

Maintenance and operations personnel are alerted to changing weather conditions in real time and can make timely and informed decisions. Customizable alerts and notifications are sent via e-mail, sms, text messages. Contrail software for Road Weather is designed to be mobile ready—there’s no special “app” required for your smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device. Users and administrators have anytime, anywhere, 24/7 secure access to view and manage data from any desktop or mobile device via a standard web browser.

Contrail for Road Weather provides up-to-the-minute visualization of current conditions with data shown in easy to understand maps, real-time dashboards and widgets, charts, graphs, and tables. High-resolution, pan-and-zoom maps clearly locate sensors, cameras, mobile RWIS devices, and their status, while Map Overlays allows the integration of GIS layers and radar for forecasting and storm tracking.

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Examples of Contrail special displays and configurations for road weather:


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In-pavement Surface Temperature and Condition Sensor – Model 5721-01

In-pavement Surface Temperature and Condition Sensor – Model 5721-01

The In-pavement Surface Sensor – Model 5721-01 is designed as a low cost, in-road sensor unit for integration with other field devices in an ITS Network.


  • Monitors real-time road/pavement surface conditions
  • Detects temperature and dry, wet, ice-watch, chemically wet
  • DIN rail or enclosure for easy mounting
Surface Sentinel Temperature Sensor – Model 5439-00

Surface Sentinel Temperature Sensor – Model 5439-00

The Model 5439 Surface Sentinel non-intrusive surface temperature sensor provides surface temperature, air temperature, relative humidity and dew point measurements for warning systems and fixed weather stations.


  • Trigger ITS Devices Directly from Sensor
  • Low Power for Solar Installations
  • SDI-12 Interface: Simple Integration w/Industry-Standard Dataloggers
  • Fan provides Air Temp/RH Aspiration

Mobile Surface Sentinel – Model 5436-10 (Bluetooth)


The Mobile Surface Sentinel, Model 5436-10, provides accurate surface temperature and air temperature, in real-time, from a moving vehicle to an in-cab display unit.


  • Rapid environmental acclimation rate
  • Sensor-to-Display wireless connection
  • Color LCD display
  • Fully sealed weatherproof design
  • Integrates with existing AVL systems

Purchase includes 5436-71 Mirror and Bumper Mounting Bracket

Mobile IceSight – Model 5435Mobile IceSight – Model 5435

Mobile IceSight – Model 5435

The Model 5435 Mobile IceSight™ pavement surface condition sensor is a remote mobile surface condition sensor that provides real-time surface condition and atmospheric information from a moving vehicle.


  • Weather responsive traffic management. Deploy resources efficiently with real-time surface and atmospheric data when and where you need it
  • Fleet management. Track your assets in real time when combined with the Model 5437 StormLink® Mobile Processing Unit (MPU) and Contrail® Connect (see Mobile IceSight Bundle). Or, integrate into existing AVL systems with the sensors open-architecture data output
  • Flexible installation options. Large installation range and compact design allow for expanded installation configurations.
StormLink® RWIS – Model 5410

StormLink® RWIS – Model 5410

The StormLink® RWIS – Model 5410-00 is the heart of an NTCIP RWIS providing robust and flexible environmental measurements.


  • NTCIP protocol enables integration into existing systems.
  • Full range of atmospheric and road sensors, including in-pavement and non-intrusive.
  • Relay outputs for controlling external devices.
  • No additional software required. Configuration completed with web interface directly from data logger.
  • Flexible installation configurations. Options available for fully configured and mounted ITS equipment cabinet. Can also be provided stand-alone with back
    panel and 2U rack mount hardware.
  • Flexible communication interface. Integrated 2 port Ethernet switch allows connection to communication device and another device such as a camera or IceSight.
  • Weather responsive traffic management. Activate public warning ITS devices based on weather with integrated solid state relays and digital outputs.
IceSight Non-intrusive Road Condition – Model 5433IceSight Non-intrusive Road Condition – Model 5433

IceSight Non-intrusive Road Condition – Model 5433

The IceSight™ Remote Road Surface Condition Sensor is a non-intrusive surface condition sensor that uses laser and infrared electro-optical technology to read surface condition, temperature and reduction of surface grip due to water, snow and ice.


  • Measures numerous parameters. Surface Condition (dry, damp, wet, snow, ice), Surface Friction, Surface Temperature, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity