Mobile IceSight – Model 5435




The Model 5435 Mobile IceSight™ pavement surface condition sensor is a remote mobile surface condition sensor that provides real-time surface condition and atmospheric information from a moving vehicle.


  • Weather responsive traffic management. Deploy resources efficiently with real-time surface and atmospheric data when and where you need it
  • Fleet management. Track your assets in real time when combined with the Model 5437 StormLink® Mobile Processing Unit (MPU) and Contrail® Connect (see Mobile IceSight Bundle). Or, integrate into existing AVL systems with the sensors open-architecture data output
  • Flexible installation options. Large installation range and compact design allow for expanded installation configurations.




The Model 5435 Mobile IceSight™ provides real-time, location specific road weather data from a vehicle. The sensor’s standard, open-architecture data output includes surface condition, surface temperature, surface friction coefficient, air temperature and relative humidity. The mobile IceSight was developed for winter maintenance professionals who demand up-to-the-second information about their roads and environment. The compact and rugged design can withstand the harsh environments of winter maintenance vehicles that make it ideal for fleet management.


  • Fill in gaps between existing Road Weather Information System (RWIS) stations
  • In-cab display via Wi-Fi from sensor
  • Small footprint and large measurement range allow for flexible installation

Road Condition DisplayHighlights

  • The sensor uses laser and infrared electro-optical technology to detect hazardous ice, snow and wet conditions with a surface grip value without embedding any sensors in the pavement.
  • Surface states reported include dry, damp, wet, slush, snow and ice. Surface grip is reported as a friction coefficient on a scale of 0 (worst) to 1 (best) and in simple terms to the motorist as good, fair and poor.
  • Road temperature is measured by an accurate non-contact infrared temperature sensor.
  • Air temperature and relative humidity are measured separate from the main sensor housing to allow for accurate readings with quick response time to changing atmospheric conditions.

Integrated Wi-Fi, as a standard, is used to provide the user a web-based data dash display compatible with any standard web browser on a computer or smart device. The dash display background colors change based on surface condition, giving the user instant feedback without needing to look directly at the display. In addition to the data display, a calibration applet is provided for sensor auto calibration and data logging from a Java enabled computer.



Range 3 to 15 ft (1 to 4.5 m)
Surface Asphalt or Concrete
Measurement Area 6 in (15.2 cm) Diameter at 5 ft (1.5 m)
Elevation Angle 30° to 60° from road surface, 45° optimum
Sensitivity 0.01 in Ice/Water, 0.05 in Snow
Surface States Dry, Damp, Wet, Slush, Snow, Ice
Surface Grip 0 to 1.0 and classified surface grip (good, fair, poor)
Surface Temperature Range -40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C)
Surface Temperature Accuracy ±1° at 32°F otherwise ±2°F (±0.5°C at 0°C otherwise ±1°C)
Air Temperature Range -40° to 149°F (-40° to 65°C)
Air Temperature Accuracy ±0.4 at 32°F, otherwise ±0.9°F (±0.2 at 0°C, otherwise ±0.5°C)
Relative Humidity Accuracy ±1.8% at 10% to 90% RH, ±3% at 0% to 10% and 90% to 100%
Operating Temperature -40° to 149°F (-40° to 65°C)
Communication RS-232, RS-485 and Wi-Fi (standard)
Voltage Range 9 to 30 VDC
Power Consumption 5 Watts or VA
Safety Eye Safe Class 1 Lasers
Mounting ¼ inch-20 studs spaced 2 inches
Dimensions 11.5 x 4.0 x 2.3 inch (29.2 x 10.2 x 5.8 cm)
Weight 3 lbs (1.4 kg)
Shipping Weight 10 lbs (4.5 kg)


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Model 5435-00 Mobile IceSight with Wi-Fi, RS-232, RS-485, 15 ft cable



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