IceSight Non-intrusive Road Condition – Model 5433

The IceSight™ Remote Road Surface Condition Sensor is a non-intrusive surface condition sensor that uses laser and infrared electro-optical technology to read surface condition, temperature and reduction of surface grip due to water, snow and ice.


  • Measures numerous parameters. Surface Condition (dry, damp, wet, snow, ice), Surface Friction, Surface Temperature, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity

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The IceSight™ Non-intrusive Road Condition Sensor, Model 5433, uses laser and infrared electro-optical technology to read surface condition, temperature and reduction of surface grip due to water, snow and ice. Using special signal processing techniques and comprehensive data analysis, the sensor is immune to passing traffic and various road treatment chemicals.

When used in conjunction with HSE’s RWIS Remote Processing Units, the IceSight sensor provides NTCIP 1204 ESS standards compliant open architecture communications.

The Model 5433 IceSight Non-intrusive Surface Condition Sensor provides road weather professionals real-time surface and atmospheric measurements required to make critical maintenance decisions in a single compact unit. Surface condition information eliminates road-treatment guesswork and supports more effective allocation of surface treatment resources. Information is typically used for ATMS, MDSS and Weather Responsive Traffic Management applications to improve traffic safety and road maintenance programs.

The IceSight measures the road surface condition, surface friction or grip, surface temperature, air temperature and relative humidity without the need to embed a sensor
in the road surface. This reduces the costs involved with installation and maintenance. The IceSight is easily mounted on a pole or RWIS tower structure near the road surface with available mounting brackets or commonly available camera mounting hardware.


  • No road surface cutting reduces time and costs of maintenance and installation
  • Open communication protocol for simple integration
  • Long optical range offers flexible installation
  • Large measurement area provides more representative determination of surface condition
  • Weather responsive traffic management. Activate public warning ITS devices based on road surface conditions or friction
  • Road weather management tool. Utilize data in winter severity and road weather indexes to better manage resources
  • Measures numerous parameters. Surface Condition (dry, damp, wet, snow, ice), Surface Friction, Surface Temperature, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity
  • Dirty lens indication. An internal algorithm determines when the front lens needs to be cleaned. The flat lens is easily cleaned with the removable nose cone


  • Surface condition related traffic safety hazards
    • Highways and surface streets
    • Bridge decks and elevated roadways
    • Intersections
  • Weather Responsive Traffic Management
    • Modified signal timing when slippery
    • Black ice warning
    • Hydroplaning risk warning
    • Message sign control
  • Parking lot safety
  • Automatic spray anti-icing systems
  • Traveler information systems
  • Aircraft runways and taxiways



Range 10 to 50 ft (3 to 15 m) concrete
10 to 33 ft (3 to 10 m) black asphalt
Measurement Area 12 in (30.5 cm) diameter @ 33 ft (10 m)
Elevation Angle 30° to 85° from road surface, 45° optimum
Sensitivity 0.01 in Ice/Water, 0.05 in Snow
Air Temperature Range -40° to 149°F (-40° to 65°C)
Air Temperature Accuracy ±0.4 at 32°F, otherwise ±0.9°F (±0.2 at 0°C, otherwise ±0.5°C)
Relative Humidity Accuracy ±1.8% at 10% to 90% RH,±3% at 0% to 10% and 90% to 100%
Surface Temperature Range -40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C)
Surface Temperature Accuracy ±1° at 32°F otherwise ±2°F (±0.5°C at 0°C otherwise ±1°C)
Operating Temperature -40° to 149°F (-40° to 65°C)
Surface States Dry; Wet (3) – damp, wet, standing water; Snow (2) – snow, uncompacted snow; Ice (2) – ice, black ice
Surface Grip 0 to 1 and classified surface grip (good, fair, poor)
Optics Condition Dirty lens output
Targeting Removable High Visibility Green Laser
Communication EIA-485, multi-drop capable (up to 8 addresses), EIA-232, Ethernet
Diagnostics Start-up BIT, One Digital Test Signal
Voltage Range 9 to 30 VDC
Power Consumption 3.2 Watts or VA
Targeting High Visibility Green Laser
Safety Eye Safe Class 1 Lasers
Mounting Standard flat camera mount foot (3x ¼”-20 holes spaced 1”)
Dimensions 45 x 13 cm (17.75 x 5.25 inch)
Weight 8 Lbs (3.6 kg)
Shipping Weight 15 Lbs (6.8 kg)


Ordering Guide


Model 5433-34 IceSight with Wired LAN and 30 foot cable to bare leads
Model 5433-35 IceSight with Wired LAN and 30 ft cable to breakout box
Model 5433-64 IceSight 30 ft replacement cable with breakout box
Model 5433-65 IceSight 30 ft replacement cable bare leads
Model 5433-36 Extra IceSight sensor cable (per foot)
Model 5433-70 IceSight pole mounting bracket; 3 to 8 inch pole
Model 5433-80 Annual Service Plan: (Ship-in one time per year, clean, refurbish, and calibrate. Includes all necessary parts, including laser and optical parts, if needed. Warranty terms apply.)







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