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Mobile Road Weather Sensors for Vehicles

High Sierra Electronics is a leader in mobile sensing technology for road weather applications. Our mobile sensor devices are used in assessing road weather conditions for ground transportation fleets, snow plow truck management and operations, road maintenance operations, and more.

Real-time Surface and Air Temperature

Mobile Surface Sentinel™ – a precision instrument that provides surface temperature and air temperature, in real-time, from a moving vehicle to an in-cab display unit. Connects wirelessly to the Mobile Display Unit (MDU) for simple installation, the Mobile Surface Sentinel  detects and alerts vehicle operators of possible freezing conditions.

Detect Hazardous Icy Road & Snow Conditions in Real-time

Mobile IceSight™ – RWIS mobile surface condition sensor that provides real time surface weather condition of roadways. It uses infrared technology to detect hazardous ice, snow, or wet conditions without embedding any sensors in the pavement.

Send Real-time Road Weather and Vehicle Location-based Data

StormLink® Mobile Processing Unit – provides a gateway for location based, real-time mobile road weather data. The StormLink MPU collects data from the Mobile IceSight™ or Mobile Surface Sentinel™ road weather sensors and provides location-based data to Contrail® environmental monitoring software via integrated cellular modem and GPS. Event-based vehicle information such as plow up/down and spreader on/off can also be collected.

RWIS Mobile Surface Sentinel Installed on truck
mobile icesight product on DOT truck
Mobile IceSight Installed on Truck
RWIS Road Weather Vehicle-mounted Mobile Surface Sentinel

Vehicle-mounted mobile weather sensors assess road weather conditions in real time from a moving vehicle. These devices are designed for the harshest conditions and manufactured exclusively in the U.S. by HSE

These high-accuracy, quick-response sensors provide important up-to-the-minute information on fast-changing winter road conditions.

Contrail® software solutions for Road Weather
Centralized Visualization, Custom Alerts, Route Management and more…

  • Contrail Connect for mobile road weather tracking and management
  • Road Weather Software Kansas City Metro
  • Contrail Road Weather Software Overland Park KS
  • Contrail software for Road Weather


Mobile Surface Sentinel Serial – 5436-15

The Mobile Surface Sentinel Serial – Model 5436-15 provides accurate surface temperature and air temperature, in real-time, from a moving vehicle to on-board vehicle controllers.


  • Fast environmental acclimation rate
  • Lower cost with wired serial communications
  • Fully sealed weatherproof design
  • Integrate with existing AVL systems

StormLink Mobile Processing Unit – Model 5437-00

The Model 5437 Mobile Processing Unit (MPU) provides real-time road weather data where and when you need it.


  • Turn-key solution with integrated cellular modem and GPS for accessing all of your road weather data
  • Compact design with standard automotive connectors simplifies installation
  • Manage fleet and view data with Contrail® for Road Weather environmental monitoring software

Mobile IceSight – Model 5435-00

The Mobile IceSight Pavement Surface Condition Sensor, Model 5435-00, is a remote mobile surface condition sensor that provides real-time surface condition and atmospheric information from a moving vehicle.


  • Weather responsive traffic management. Deploy resources efficiently with real-time surface and atmospheric data when and where you need it
  • Fleet management. Track your assets in real time when combined with the Model 5437 MPU and Contrail®. Or, integrate into existing AVL systems with the sensors open-architecture data output
  • Flexible installation options. Large installation range and compact design allow for expanded installation configurations.

Mobile Surface Sentinel – Model 5436-10

The Mobile Surface Sentinel, Model 5436-10, provides accurate surface temperature and air temperature, in real-time, from a moving vehicle to an in-cab display unit.


  • Rapid environmental acclimation rate
  • Sensor-to-Display wireless connection
  • Color LCD display
  • Fully sealed weatherproof design
  • Integrates with existing AVL systems


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