Contrail TDMA ManagerContrail TDMA Manager

Contrail TDMA Manager

Contrail® ALERT2™ TDMA Manager by OneRain provides a virtual environment in which you can design, manage, and maintain one or more networks in a controlled workspace.


  • Manage and design one or more networks in a controlled workspace
  • Aids in the proactive planning of your network capacity and demands
  • QA/QC verification optimizes transmission capacity
Contrail InventoryContrail Inventory

Contrail Inventory

Contrail Inventory plus by OneRain helps you manage and keep track of your hydrometeorologic instruments, equipment and all of your system hardware via your desktop or mobile device−from anywhere you have an Internet connection.


  • Multi-user, password protected remote access
  • Easily find site locations with the integrated postal addressing and geo-location mapping information
  • Comprehensive built-in reports and export data options
  • Lifecycle history and audit tracking
Contrail Base Station Software – Series 8400Contrail Base Station Software – Series 8400

Contrail Base Station Software – Series 8400

Contrail-based solutions by OneRain deliver unique capabilities and a full suite of advanced tools used for operational decision support in application areas such as Flood Warning, Dam Safety, Reservoir Gate Operations, Road Weather, and more.


  • Real-time hydrometeorological data monitoring, forecasting and warning
  • 24/7 access from any mobile device to your mission critical data. Any time. Anywhere. When you need it.
  • Data Collection, Processing, Archiving and Dissemination

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