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High Sierra Electronics, Inc. is expert at solar power and power distribution for remote low power applications.  Our products are the industry standard for power management at your remote monitoring site.

Solar Controller

Power Products

12V Battery Charger – Model 5607-00

The 12V Battery Charger – Model 5607-00 is a solid-state battery charger designed to charge your 12-volt battery and maintain and hold it to a full charge.


  • Keep Your 12V Battery Fully Charged
  • Charge Your 12V Battery Faster
  • Never Overcharge Your 12V Battery
  • Charger Can Be Plugged In 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

Battery Maintenance System – Model 5605-00

The Battery Maintenance System – Model 5605-00 is an intelligent, micro-controller based charge/discharge system for charging 12 Volt DC lead acid batteries with ratings of up to 40 amp hour capacity.


  • Determines Battery Capability
  • Reverse Battery Polarity Protected
  • Intelligent, Microcontroller Technology
  • Charge/Discharge-Charge Cycle

Battery Float Charger – Model 5603-00

The Battery Float Charger – Model 5603-00 is designed to provide optimum life for batteries used in standby applications.


  • Electronically Regulated
  • Wall Mount Plug-in Design
  • High Impact Thermo-Plastic Housing

Lightning Surge Suppressor – Series 5330

The Lightning Surge Suppressors – Series 5330 are two pair (four wire) modules implementing three-stage hybrid technology. These Lightning Surge Suppressors are intended for indoor use on communication loop circuits which have been isolated from a switch telephone network.


  • Lightning Protection for Low Voltage Data Signal Lines
  • Plug-in Module
  • Three-Stage Protection
  • Sneak/Fault Current Protection
  • UL 497A Listed

12V Rechargable Batteries – Series 5600

The 12V Rechargeable Batteries – Series 5600 of valve-regulated batteries set the standard for quality and excellence in rechargeable lead-acid battery technology.


  • Rechargeable Lead-Acid
  • High Impact Case
  • Storage In Any Position
  • Overcharging Avoidance

MPPT Solar Charger – Model 5315

The 10A Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Charger & Load Control – Model 5315-01 is an easy to use, versatile solar charger that also serves to activate a load.


  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • 10 Amp Load Capacity
  • Overload Protection
  • Power Saving Night Dimming & Sleep Modes
  • RS-232 Data/Programming Port

Solar Panels – Series 5300

The Solar Panels – Series 5300 are used for maintaining a battery charge at sites that include control, telemetry, remote sensing, data collection, and other instrumentation systems.


  • Long Outdoor Life
  • Effective In Virtually Any Climate
  • Mounts Easily
  • Includes Mounting Bracket, Regulator, & Cable


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