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Barrier Gate Systems

About Barrier Gate Systems

Ironically, many drivers rescued from flood waters report that they were in a hurry to get home, to safety, as the reason for attempting to drive through a flooded roadway. A mere six inches of fast-moving water can knock over an adult. It takes only two feet of rushing water to carry away most vehicles, which includes pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Our advance warning stations advise motorists of a weather-impaired or flooded roadway by activating flashing beacons, message signs, or automatic road barrier gates.

A well-designed system can help a region conserve Emergency Management, Rescue and Road Department resources, as well as improve public

Barrier Gate Solutions

2-Way ALERT2 High Water Detection System – Series 3482
The 3482 is a complete 2-way ALERT2 roadside warning system...
Packaged Weather Station Model 3451
HSE's Model 3451 Automatic Weather Station is designed to measure...
Rain Gauge Station – Model 3424-00
The Rain Gauge Station - Model 3424 generates real-time data...
Water Level Monitoring Station – Model 3466-00
Packaged Pressure Transducer Station provides real-time data for monitoring water...
Advance Warning Station – Series 3480
The 3480 is a complete roadside warning system that integrates...