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Professional Services

Radio Path and Design Services

Hydrologic networks and warning systems comprise many types of sensing stations. High Sierra Electronics has designed, built, rehabilitated, and maintains many hundreds of gauges, advanced flood early warning systems, and road weather monitoring systems throughout the United States. Each gauge or system is tailored specifically to the customers’ needs. Our experience extends across dense urban areas through highly remote locations and very diverse environments. While each system is unique and warrants its own individual approach, below are the core elements to our approach and best practices for designing highly robust, reliable, and maintainable hydrologic data collection and real-time environmental monitoring networks.

Critical operations require dependable and accurate environmental status information

These critical monitoring applications demand highly reliable, rugged sensor and well-maintained telemetry networks that comprise a wide range of condition monitoring gauge instrumentation and sensors such as rainfall, float switches, stream and stage, active and passive road condition sensors, vibrating wire piezometers, tiltmeters, inclinometers, seismic, reservoir elevation, spillway flow, discharge, wind speed, and full weather stations.

HSE is a recognized leader in designing, building and maintaining environmental monitoring systems.

HSE’s products and services provide data collection and monitoring of rainfall, water levels and flow rates in streams, rivers, lakes, and dams in real time and provide web-based decision management and early warning alarm notifications to alert of possible hazardous and flood-threatening conditions. Our equipment and services enable our clients with critical rainfall-dependent missions to track and understand real-time data.