About Communications Components

High Sierra Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures communications components that are designed to monitor environmental sensors and send control signals to an advanced warning system.

Conditions like water level, visibility, wind speed, or road temperature can be monitored by an Environmental Monitoring Station Controller which can send a control signal to a remote warning system to alert the public to an emergency condition. Alternatively, the Environmental Monitoring Station Controllers can locally control a system using its control outputs.

These systems are designed to work during intense weather events and to withstand he elements and operate for long periods of time. With proper maintenance, these systems last for decades.

Communications Model 3512

Communications Products

Data Transceiver – Model 3701-00

The Data Transceiver – Model 3701 is designed for use with data generating devices using Audio Frequency-Shift Keying (AFSK) type modulation systems. The Data Transceivers provide outstanding frequency stability and control.


  • Programmable Narrow or Wide Band
  • Factory Alignment for Peak Performance
  • Waterproof Casing
  • Programmable up to 16 Channels

Serial Transmitter – Model 3210

The Serial Transmitter – Model 3210 receives either Synchronous or Asynchronous serial output data from a data logger or data acquisition unit and converts this data to an ALERT/IFLOWS format for radio frequency transmission.


  • Reliable, Simple Interface for ALERT Transmissions
  • Low Cost Addition to Other Manufacturer’s Data Loggers
  • Compatible with All Existing ALERT/IFLOWS Networks

ALERT Data Receiver – Model 4500-02

The ALERT Data Receiver – Model 4500-02 base station accepts transmitted data from field transmitters or repeater stations.


  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Includes VHF/UHF Data Transceiver
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Internal Speaker

ALERT Transceiver / Decoder – Model 3345

The ALERT Transceiver / Decoder – Model 3345 combines the functions of a Receiver, Decoder, and Serial Transmitter.


  • Combines Functions of Receiver, Decoder, and Serial Transmitter
  • Fully Automatic
  • Desktop Version or 3U Rack-Mount Chassis

ALERT2 Demodulator – Series 1002

The ALERT2 Demodulator – 1002 Series receives ALERT2 messages from remote sensing stations and passes them to a base station computer equipped with an ALERT2 base station software program.


  • Receives ALERT2 and Concentrated ALERT
  • SD Card Stores & Logs Data
  • Ethernet & Serial Data Ports
  • Optional ALERT Receive Capability

Programmable Store & Forward Repeater – Model 3300-00

Repeaters are one of the key components of an ALERT/IFLOWS data collection network. Often an entire network or a significant portion of the system’s gauges report through a single repeater.


  • Field Programmable
  • Echo Suppression For Single Frequency Systems
  • Digital Noise Suppression Of Extraneous Signals
  • Self Reports It’s Battery Voltage
  • Optional Sensor Inputs

ALERT2 Repeater/Concentrator – 330X Series

The High Sierra Electronics, Inc. 330X Series of ALERT2 Repeaters/Concentrators supports ALERT2, the next generation of wireless communication protocol for use in real-time hydrologic monitoring systems.


  • Receives and Forwards ALERT2 Data
  • Programmable
  • Optional Sensor Inputs
  • Can be Equipped to Receive ALERT

ALERT2 Rain Gauge Data Transmitter Upgrade Kit Model 3324-02

The ALERT2 Rain Gauge Data Transmitter Upgrade Kit – Model 3324-02 is a cost effective way to upgrade a rain only monitoring site from Legacy ALERT to ALERT2.


  • Forward Error Correction
  • Data Transmitted as Engineering Units
  • TDMA Reporting Eliminates Collisions
  • Works Side-by-Side with Standard ALERT

ALERT2 Data Transmitters – Model 3306-02

The HSE ALERT2 Data Transmitter – Model 3306-02 is a powerful and flexible addition to HSE’s ALERT/IFLOWS family of products designed with the field technician in mind.


  • Data Transmitted as Engineering Units
  • Forward Error Correction
  • TDMA Reporting Eliminates Collisions
  • Works Side-by-Side with Standard ALERT

ALERT/IFLOWS Data Transmitter – Model 3306-00

The ALERT/IFLOWS Data Transmitter – Model 3306-00 is a powerful and flexible addition to HSE’s ALERT/IFLOWS family of products designed with the field technician in mind.


  • 6 Analog/5 Digital Inputs including SDI-12
  • Repeater Capability
  • Switch Programmable OR Graphical User Interface
  • Fuse Protection on Solar Panel, Battery, 12V Switched
  • 16 GB of Removable Memory

Flashing Beacon Controller – Remote Series 3580

The Flashing Beacon Controller – 3580 Remote Series was designed to control and manage a visual or auditory public warning system.


  • Integrates Into Larger System
  • Local Output Control
  • Immediately Trigger Public Warning System
  • Simultaneously Operate as a Repeater

StormLink IQ ALERT2 Decoder – Series 8440

The “go anywhere” trouble-shooting, verification, and gauge network performance tools for flood warning managers and field maintenance operations.


Tools for Hydrologic Field Services and Maintenance Support Programs


For those operating hydrology networks, OneRain’s Field Decoder Solutions allow in-the-field analyses of gauge data messages for trouble-shooting, verification, and optimizing gauge network performance for ALERT/ALERT2 flood early warning systems and field instrumentation maintenance operations.

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