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Automated Levee Erosion Monitoring and Detection

When it comes to Levee Safety, deterioration and failure due to erosion is of particular concern for communities living near or behind a levee.

During high water events, erosion can take place at or below the water surface. Even if a levee is being patrolled during an event, unseen erosion can be threatening the levee’s structural integrity.

Our Remote Erosion Monitoring System (REMS) provides advance warning that erosion has taken place before the water recedes. As a result, this early warning can provide time to fight the problem immediately where possible, warn emergency managers and, when appropriate, evacuate citizens that are at risk behind the levee.

Remote Erosion Monitoring System (REMS™) for Levees

Risk reduction through early warning.
A network of embedded Beacons provide early detection of erosion with automated notifications to key personnel.

Embedded Sensors

24x7 Remote Monitoring

Advance Warning & Notifications

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Installation of REMS Remote Erosion Monitoring System on a levee
REMS™ Remote Erosion Monitoring System – Model 3108-REMS
Risk reduction through early warning. A network of embedded REMS...