High Water Detection Systems

High Water Detection Systems for Flooded Roadway Safety

Our High Water Detection Systems are the state-of-the-art in public safety for warning the public to stay out of flooded roadways.

Road and Public Works departments often manually deploy barriers and warning signs at low water crossings. But, with no way to know a crossing is flooded without driving out to the site, lengthy delays occur which put lives and property at risk. High Water Detection Systems at problematic Low Water Crossing sites provide agencies with the opportunity to deter or prevent motorists from entering flooded areas, potentially saving lives and property.

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High Water Detection Solutions

Packaged Weather Station Model 3451

Packaged Weather Station Model 3451

HSE’s Model 3451 Automatic Weather Station is designed to measure and report weather conditions including rainfall, wind, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. This professional Automated Weather Station is configured to meet standard meteorological data collection requirements.

Rain Gauge Station – Model 3424-00

Rain Gauge Station – Model 3424-00

The Rain Gauge Station – Model 3424 generates real-time data to help in flood warning, reservoir management, and any other application that calls for timely rainfall information.

Water Level Monitoring Station – Model 3466-00

Water Level Monitoring Station – Model 3466-00

Packaged Pressure Transducer Station provides real-time data for monitoring water levels at dams, streams, reservoirs, lakes, waste treatment facilities, irrigation canals, or most anywhere hydrological data is needed with an accuracy of 0.1%.


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