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Icy Road Warning Systems

StormLink RWIS Lite Icy Road Warning Station

Our weather stations and road weather sensors provide the real-time reporting and tools to help make better decisions, improve traffic management and driver safety.

Automated Icy Road detection and advanced Warning

Icy Road Warning Systems by High Sierra Electronics reduce accidents by automatically monitoring and detecting hazardous road surface conditions and providing advance warning to motorists. 

Sleet, hail, blowing and drifting snow, freezing rain, and fog can all contribute to icing roads and making conditions hazardous for motorists and pedestrians. Drivers are often unprepared and caught unaware of slick pavement conditions and fail to adjust their driving speed in adverse road and weather conditions.

1,836 DEATHS


136,309 INJURIES


156,164 CRASHES


Real-time Monitoring and Alerting

Our integrated sensors and real-time monitoring systems can automatically activate flashing beacons, warning signs, and dynamic messages to provide visual warning to drivers that there are icy road conditions ahead. 

All sensor data are collected, stored, and analyzed centrally by Contrail® software for visualization and up-to-the-minute real-time information and data management. Customized alerts and notifications about changing weather conditions can be sent via e-mail, SMS, text messages.

Where Used

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StormLink® RWIS Lite

Packaged solutions that are easy-to-install and low maintenance. Ideal for local installations at low-volume rural and urban arterial roadways, transit routes, bridges, airport parking and pedestrian terminals. 

Key Benefits
StormLink RWIS Lite
StormLink RWIS One
StormLink RWIS Pro
Warn drivers of potentially icy roads
Reduce accidents by warning drivers with automated flashing beacons to slow down when weather hazards exist.
Integrated cellular communication sends system data and status to software
Increase situational awareness to better manage the roadway and reduce maintenance costs.
No outside communication needed to activate the warning system
Improve driver safety by letting the traveling public know of weather hazards when they happen.
Solar Powered
Get the system up and running quickly with simple installation.
Remote system configuration
Reduce trips to the site by adjusting system thresholds and configurations remotely from software.
Two-way communications
Reduce trips to the site with the ability to override the system beacons remotely from software.
Email and text alerts of system status
Address weather issues quickly and increase public safety with notifications of system status directly to any device.
Ethernet and serial output
Flexible communication options with third-party equipment and existing infrastructure.
NTCIP open communications protocol
Easily expand the system with any compatible systems and software suites.
Complete RWIS sensor suite
Increase situational awareness by collecting data from a full suite of road weather sensors for additional alarming capabilities and weather information.
Local data logging
Past system data can be downloaded locally if communication failed.
Icy road potential
Winter road condition or friction measurement
Low visibility or fog
High wind warning

Icy Road Warning Solutions

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StormLink Lite RWIS Icy Road
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StormLink® 2-Way ALERT2 High Water Detection System – Series 3482
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Non-Invasive Road Condition Sensor Service Plan – Model 5433-80
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Present Weather Sensor – Model 5438
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In-pavement Surface Temperature and Condition Sensor – Model 5721-01
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Mobile IceSight – Model 5435
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Surface Sentinel Temperature Sensor – Model 5439-00
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Mobile Surface Sentinel – Model 5436-10 (Bluetooth)
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IceSight Non-intrusive Road Condition – Model 5433
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Contrail for Road Weather – Series 8400
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