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PRODUCT NOTIFICATION: HSE 4-20mA SUBMERSIBLE Pressure transducer sensors (Model 664X)

High Sierra Electronics, Inc., is an AEM subsidiary.

April 11, 2023

AEM announces the end-of-sale (EoS) and end-of-life (EoL) dates for the 4-20mA options of the HSE submersible pressure transducer water level sensors. Due to the low demand for 4-20 mA technology and the broader industry’s shift towards adopting the SDI-12 standard for data communication, we have made the strategic decision to retire these specific sensors. This move ensures that AEM continues to provide the most advanced and efficient products to our clients, aligning with current technological standards and preferences. For customers seeking alternative solutions, we have outlined replacement options in Table 2.

Key date: With the sensor end-of-sale, last time buy for replacement parts is set at Dec 15, 2023, with a delivery lead time of 20 weeks.

The SDI-12 series of this sensor suite provides a high accuracy durable design. For clients requiring long cable runs, our SDI-12 sensors are capable of single runs of over 500 ft (152m). AEM recommends using the following desiccant options in the following scenarios:

For SDI-12 options:

  • SDI-SPT-INT for mil-spec connectors used with the Axiom dataloggers.
  • SDI-SPT-INT-AL for connecting to Mil-spec connectors on an ALERT/ALERT2 cannister.
  • SDI-SPT-INT-FL for flying leads to connect to other loggers/enclosures.


Maintenance and Services (M&S)
All existing M&S contracts (including AOM, FES and RTF) for End-of-Sale (EoS) products will continue to be supported until their End-of-Life date.

Return Material Authorization (RMS)

The RMA process will continue to be supported in accordance with active M&S contracts.

Additional Information
If you have questions, please contact your sales representative, or the AEM Service team at