Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Policy F7505-F0-2023

Last updated: November 2023

High Sierra Electronics, Inc
., an AEM subsidiary
This policy describes the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) practices of Advanced Environmental Monitoring LLC’s subsidiary, High Sierra Electronics, Inc., hereafter referred to as “AEM.”

General Disclaimer: While High Sierra Electronics, an AEM subsidiary, strives to assess and diagnose all incoming RMAs within 5 days of receipt, this cannot always be guaranteed. If the equipment being returned is “mission-critical”, please consider our Expedited RMA processing and returns service or Advanced Replacement options (described below) to ensure your equipment is returned by your required date.

RMA Issued: An RMA Administrator will review the request and may request additional information or suggest additional diagnostic steps to ensure that the hardware is not returned unnecessarily. When the RMA Administrator has confirmed a repair is necessary and all other requirements have been satisfied, an RMA number and “ship-to” location will be provided via email to the person submitting the request. Please allow up to two business days for RMA intake processing.

RMA Charges – WARRANTY CLAIMS: There will be no test or repair charges for approved warranty claims. AEM will repair or replace warranty hardware at its discretion. Please review our Warranty statement.

RMA Charges – OUT OF WARRANTY REPAIRS: There will be an initial one-hour diagnostic fee for each non-warranty item. You will be notified if your equipment is out of warranty prior to being issued an RMA number. If your equipment is found to be out of warranty upon receipt at our facility, you will be notified prior to any work being done on the equipment. After initial diagnosis and repair approval, labor at the current hourly rate will be charged along with the cost of repair parts. If it is determined that the cost of repair exceeds upgrade or replacement options, the diagnostic fee will be credited towards the upgrade or replacement. If the customer elects not to repair or upgrade the equipment, the one-hour diagnostic fee still applies.

RMA Expiration: RMA numbers expire 30 days after the date issued. If equipment is received after the RMA number expires, it may be refused and shipped back at owner’s expense.

If No Trouble is Found: If an RMA is determined to be No Trouble Found (NTF), or we are unable to replicate or confirm the stated problem, our technician or RMA Administrator will request additional information from the customer in an attempt to replicate the reported failure. If no additional information is available or the failure cannot be reproduced, AEM will return the RMA to the customer as NTF. This policy applies to both warranty and non-warranty equipment and diagnostic charges will apply.

Unrepairable Equipment – Warranty: Hardware returned to AEM covered under warranty terms and determined to be unrepairable will be replaced at no charge to the customer.

Unrepairable Equipment – Out of Warranty: Hardware returned to AEM that is determined to be unrepairable for any reason will not be automatically replaced. A replacement hardware product can be ordered through the customer’s normal sales channel. Unrepairable hardware can either be returned to the customer ‘as is’ or scrapped at AEM upon customer request. AEM will request final disposition instructions from the customer when a hardware product is determined to be unrepairable.

Shipping of RMAs to AEM: Shipping of all warranty or non-warranty RMAs from the customer to an AEM facility is at customer’s expense. Customers must follow RMA instructions and are encouraged to notify AEM when RMAs are shipped and to provide shipment tracking details. RMAs are to be appropriately packaged to ensure the safe transit of the hardware product to an AEM facility. Any damage or subsequent failure of the hardware product related to inappropriate packaging will result in additional charges for the repair of the product.

Return Shipping of RMAs to Customer: Shipping of all non-warranty RMAs from AEM is at the customer’s expense. The cost of shipping from AEM is not included in the quoted repair charge. The customer has the option of providing a shipper name and account number for collect shipping of the RMA at the time the RMA is issued via the RMA Request form (please use the space under “Additional Comments” to specify return shipping) or AEM will include the cost of shipping to the Invoice in addition to the charges for repair time and materials. Equipment under warranty will be shipped back to customer via UPS Ground (or best method) with shipping charges waived. Alternative return shipping requirements will be at the expense of the customer.

Advanced Replacement: AEM may be able to provide Advance Replacement of a failed hardware product on a case-by-case basis upon request or at the RMA Administrator’s discretion. Advance Replacements are subject to hardware product availability.

Abandoned equipment: After final diagnosis is delivered, please contact AEM within 30 days to confirm or decline repair services. In the event that a final diagnosis is delivered and there is no response within 30 days, the equipment will be sent to the specified return shipping address and the cost of shipping will be billed to the customer, in addition to any diagnostic or repair fees that were previously agreed upon or stated in this policy.

Expedited RMA processing and returns: AEM can provide expedited testing and repair of RMAs on a case-by-case basis, dependent on current production demands and scheduling restrictions. A quotation for expedited processing and additional fees will be provided upon request.

Shipment of Equipment: Authorized RMAs must be shipped to the AEM facility address provided by AEM. RMA numbers must be clearly marked on the outside of the box. If the shipment cannot be easily identified with an authorized RMA number, the merchandise will not be accepted and may be returned at customer’s expense. The customer is responsible for the safe shipment of the hardware in appropriate packaging.