New Mobile IceSight

Introducing New Model 5435 Mobile IceSight to Line of RWIS Surface Sensors

Extensive testing of the Model 5435 Mobile IceSight has been conducted across the country for the past two winters with excellent results. From minus 25 degree Fahrenheit temperatures in northern Minnesota to the wet and snowy conditions of the northern California Sierra Mountains, the Mobile IceSight has exceeded expectations.

The 5435 Mobile IceSight in Helena, MT

Detailed Sensor Information:

The Model 5435 Mobile IceSight is a remote mobile surface condition sensor that provides real-time surface condition and atmospheric information from a moving vehicle. The sensor’s standard, open-architecture data output includes six distinct surface indications, surface friction coefficient, surface temperature, air temperature and relative humidity.

The mobile IceSight was developed for winter maintenance professionals who demand up to the second information about their roads and environment. The compact and rugged design can withstand the harsh environments of winter maintenance vehicles that make it ideal for fleet management.

Some use cases include:

  • Real-time surface and atmospheric data when and where you need it
  • Integrate into existing RWIS network to fill in gaps between fixed stations
  • Integrate into existing AVL and MDSS systems with the sensors open-architecture data output
  • Flexible mounting solutions with small form factor and 3 to 15 ft. measurement range
  • Thermal mapping capabilities with the 5437 MPU and Glance subscription
  • Tool for vehicle fleet route optimization
Mobile IceSight Road Weather Sensor hitch mounted
Mobile IceSight in Ham Lake, MN with hitch mount
 The sensor uses laser and infrared electro-optical technology to detect hazardous ice, snow and wet conditions and surface grip without embedding any sensors in the pavement. Surface states reported include dry, damp, wet, slush, snow and ice indications. Surface grip is reported as a friction coefficient on a scale of 0 (worst) to 1 (best) and in simple terms to the motorist as good, fair and poor. Road temperature is measured by a highly accurate non-contact infrared temperature sensor. Air temperature and relative humidity are measured separate from the main sensor housing to allow for accurate readings with quick response time to changing atmospheric conditions.

Integrated Wi-Fi, as a standard, is used to provide the user a web based data dash display compatible with any standard web browser on a computer or smart device. The dash display background colors change based on surface condition, giving the user instant feedback without needing to look directly at the display. In addition to the data display, a java applet is provided for sensor auto calibration and data logging from a java enabled computer.

Road Condition Display

Glance data display of Mobile IceSight sensor testing in Helena, MT.  With the 5437 Mobile Processing Unit (MPU) and Glance data portal, the Mobile IceSight turns into an AVL solution.

Fog Warning System for Illinois Power Plant

Fog is a Common Phenomenon at Illinois Power Plant


High Sierra Electronics completed the installation of  a visibility warning system at a power plant in southwest Illinois.

High Sierra Electronics and Traffic Control Corporation partnered together to solve an interesting problem at the Prairie State Energy Campus near Marissa, Illinois. When the conditions are right, localized dense fog forms along County Road 12 adjacent to the power plant. In many cases, the fog formation results because of added water vapor from the power plants steam vents. This causes low visibility and dangerous driving conditions for the public. It was decided that a warning system needed to be put in place to warn the traveling public to fog along the roadway.

The system designed uses a minimalist approach utilizing highly accurate and dependable equipment to provide a low cost system that will work for years to come. The warning system consists of six evenly spaced visibility sensor stations and two sign stations located on either end of the problem area along County Road 12.

The visibility sensor stations utilize the HSE Model 5434 visibility sensor to send a signal to the TCC provided radio when a low visibility threshold is met. An LED mounted to the bottom of each visibility sensor station cabinet alerts the system administrators which station triggered the alert. The solar system and flashing LED is controlled by HSE Model 5315-01 MPPT Solar Charger and Load Control.

The sign stations consist of a flashing beacon sign and a LED sign to warn motorists of fog conditions ahead.  A signal is sent to activate the sign stations when fog is present at any of the visibility sensor stations.

To learn more about the system described or if you have a similar application please contact High Sierra Electronics at 800-275-2080.


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Guadalupe River Flood Siren System Project

High Sierra Electronics was awarded a project to improve the Guadalupe River Flood Siren System.  The project is a cooperative effort between The Water Orientated Recreational District of Comal County, the City of New Braunfels, Comal County’s Engineering Office, and Guadalupe County.  In addition to river gauge stations, the system includes several warning sirens that will automatically activate when the water level rises to a pre-determined unsafe level.



OneRain and High Sierra Electronics Join Forces

Grass Valley, CA (August 11, 2016) – Logan Gayl, Inc., a California company owned by the shareholders of OneRain Inc., a leading software provider for the Flood Warning, Dam Safety, Reservoir Operations, and Hydrology markets, is proud to announce the acquisition of High Sierra Electronics, Inc., a leading provider of environmental monitoring and instrumentation for the Flood Warning, Hydrology and Road Weather markets.

This acquisition combines the strengths of OneRain’s software, High Sierra Electronics’ hardware, and both companies’ services divisions to provide end-to-end-supported software, instrumentation and field services to the hydrology marketplace.

“High Sierra Electronics’ seasoned management team has done a terrific job of building a solid and successful operation that provides high quality products and services to the hydrology market,” said James Logan, OneRain’s CEO. “OneRain and High Sierra Electronics share a passion for serving public safety and public agencies where real-time monitoring of hydrology supports their core mission.”

“We are thrilled about the possibilities this new synergy creates,” said Ilse Gayl, OneRain’s chairman.

“By teaming up, High Sierra Electronics and OneRain will be able to provide technology-leading, high quality solutions for our combined customer base,” said Jim Slouber, VP of Engineering for High Sierra Electronics. “This is the natural evolution of our business to provide more complete solutions for our customers,” said Kathy Slouber, President of High Sierra Electronics.

About OneRain Incorporated
Since 1992, OneRain has been providing solutions that optimize water management, heighten regulatory compliance, achieve successful civil works, and save lives. Headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, OneRain’s software and services deliver mission critical information to serve clients responsible for flood early warning, dam safety and reservoir operations, water resources, stormwater and wastewater management. For more information, visit www.onerain.comor call 800-758-RAIN (7246).

About High Sierra Electronics, Incorporated
Established in 1992, High Sierra Electronics, Grass Valley, California, has been designing and manufacturing environmental monitoring systems for the protection of lives and property. High Sierra Electronics’ systems help identify threats posed by the weather, which include flooding, dangerous road conditions, and vulnerable dams and levees. For more information, or call 800-275-2080.

Contact Information

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Sales & Marketing
OneRain Incorporated
1531 Skyway Drive, Unit D
Longmont, CO 80504
Phone: 800-758-7246

Sue Swenor
Sales Manager
High Sierra Electronics, Inc.
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