StormLink RWIS Lite Icy Road Warning Station

GRASS VALLEY, CA – High Sierra Electronics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of environmental monitoring systems for the protection of lives and property, today announced the release of its new StormLink® RWIS Lite range of road weather solutions. The StormLink RWIS Lite Icy Road Warning System and StormLink RWIS Lite High Water Detection System provide economical options for local cities and municipalities to enhance motorist safety by installing warning systems that notify travelers of dangerous road weather conditions.

The StormLink RWIS Lite Icy Road Warning System alerts drivers about hazardous conditions created by winter weather in real-time. Sensors measuring road temperature, and other atmospheric conditions such as air temperature, and relative humidity determine if icy road conditions exist, and automatically activate flashing beacon warning stations on the road. Agency personnel access a centralized dashboard to view system data and set up real-time alerts via Contrail® software. The flashing beacon signs warn drivers in advance of icy conditions so they can be prepared and take necessary precautions such as adjusting speed or finding alternate routes.


StormLink RWIS Lite Flooded Roadway

The StormLink RWIS Lite High Water Detection System (HWDS) warns drivers of flooding events on roadways. Real-time sensors track water levels at the low point of the road and send alerts through Contrail to agency personnel and warning stations when water levels breach a custom set threshold. The flashing beacon warning stations will turn on, providing drivers with ample lead time of the flooding event to avoid dangerous situations.

These StormLink RWIS Lite solutions provide cost-efficient and scalable products for road weather sensing and warning. Wireless communications and solar powered systems make StormLink RWIS Lite easy to install, even on existing signs. Each package includes a control station, two warning stations for either side of the roadway, and Contrail data management services. StormLink RWIS Lite products fit into the complete network of StormLink products, enabling a packaged safety solution for smaller cities and municipalities.


“Weather can impact roads very quickly,” said Brett Hansen, Road Weather Product Manager, High Sierra Electronics. “Measuring road conditions along with alerting drivers on the road is important to keeping both large and small communities safe from severe weather. We are excited to play a larger part in improving weather safety in areas where it is needed the most.”

The addition of the StormLink RWIS Lite product line expands an already robust and full-featured road weather product line that includes sensor stations and driver warning systems. The StormLink RWIS Pro and StormLink RWIS One systems provide additional safety features for larger geographic areas or more complex road weather situations such as high winds and low visibility. High Sierra Electronics also offers integrated camera subsystems and machine learning object detection allowing for visual confirmation and 24/7 alerting.


About High Sierra Electronics
High Sierra Electronics, part of the Advanced Environmental Monitoring family of innovators, has been designing and manufacturing environmental monitoring systems for almost 30 years. High Sierra Electronics’ systems help identify threats posed by the weather, which include flooding, dangerous road conditions, and vulnerable dams and levees. Contrail® and StormLink® are registered trademarks of OneRain Incorporated in the United States and used with permission. For more information, visit or phone 800-275-2080.

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