ALERT2 Hydromet Controller – Model 3582-30

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  • ALERT2 two-way command and control capability
  • Multiple applications and uses: flooded roadway warning systems, solar-powered cameras, hydro-related pump stations, automatic barrier gates, electronic message signs, siren warning systems
  • Configurable as either a Master, Gauging Station or Remote Warning Site
  • Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) Test-Point

The ALERT2 Hydromet Controller Model 3582-30 is a two-way ALERT2 Controller Assembly for high water and other inclement weather detection systems. This 4- channel ALERT2 Controller system can be used in either a Master-and-Remotes configuration for high water, fog, high wind and snow/ice detection systems for roadway and public access areas as well as for dam and hydro-related pump stations. It can also be applied as a remotely controlled station to activate remote solar powered cameras, pumps or public warning devices such as beacons, message signs, gates and sirens controlled directly by remote commands initiated by OneRain’s Contrail Base Station and Contrail Server software.

The design includes HSE’s exclusive HydroMet Controller technology, as well as our new decoding and control technology, jointly developed by HSE and its sister company OneRain, and Solar Charger and Load Control sub-system, all on a single telemetry cabinet mount panel.

There are typically one or more command Controllers at a high-water stream crossing: one at the Master gauging station and the others at the Remote solar powered flashing beacon stations. The Master stations support up to three water level sensors and may have a rain gauge or other weather sensors for monitoring atmospheric conditions. The Master station sends timed reports, event generated reports, and command generated status reports. These reports can either pass through an optional Repeater or are received directly at the central site Base Station. The Remote stations have a controlled device (e.g. a warning sign with flashing beacons) and will send timed reports and command generated response reports to its Master controller and to the Base Station.

When the Master has local control enabled, it compares the water level readings received from the sensor to the programmed threshold values. As the water level rises above the upper threshold value, commands are sent simultaneously to each of its remote units to “turn on” the public warning devices. When water level falls below the lower threshold value, a command is sent to the remotes to “turn off” the beacons in a similar manner. All field commands and responses are sent within each unit’s assigned TDMA time slot.



Radio Frequency Range VHF 135 to 174 MHz; UHF 406 to 470 MHz (up to 8 independent TX/RX pre-programmed frequencies, switch selectable)
Data Format ALERT2
Transmit HSE 3512 API Commands over Ethernet
Output Power 5 Watt (switch selectable), PTT test switch provided
Squelch Open -112 dBm, Close -114 dBm
Speaker Monitors Rx Channel
Audio Output for SINAD 1/8 inch Phone Jack
Antenna Connector (VHF) N-Type (F)
Antenna Connector (GPS) SMA (F)
Voltage 12 to 15 VDC
Current < 160 mA standby + current requirements of the warning lights
(750 mA)
Dimensions 12 x 14 x 5.5 in (30.5 x 35.6 x 14 cm)
Shipping Weight 9 lbs (4.1 kg)

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Model 3582-30 ALERT2 HydroMet Controller (Master or Remote); Includes: Model
3512-02 HydroMet Data Logger, ALERT2 Transceiver, Ritron Radio
(148 to 174 MHz) Radio, Lightning Protection (VHF & GPS), and
Battery Cable 5 ft (152.4 cm), and Model 5315-01 Solar Charger &
Load Control. Mounted on a L-Panel Assembly. Use with Dual
Relay Outputs. Relays sold separately.



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