Digital Data Pumper – Model 5500-00

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The Digital Data Pumper – Model 5500-01 is a versatile instrument with several useful applications.


  • Emergency Status Interface
  • Simulated Digital Signals For Testing
  • Output Transitions Every 18 Seconds
  • Compatible With Many Products

The Digital Data Pumper – Model 5500-01 is a versatile instrument with several useful applications. Plugged into a digital port of a transmitter without a sensor attached, the Digital Data Pumper will simulate a digital sensor such as a tipping bucket or shaft encoder. The Digital Data Pumper tests the transmitter’s digital ports and provides a steady signal for testing transmitters, radio paths, repeaters, and base stations.

The Digital Data Pumper becomes an emergency status sensor by connecting to a normally closed float switch. The switch, when closed, will disable the Digital Data Pumper. Eighteen second long reports generated by the Digital Data Pumper will result after the switch opens. If the float switch is mounted downstream of a dam, and above the high water mark, then the float rising, or even being washed out, will allow the Digital Data Pumper to initiate a warning of dam failure. Cable lengths up to 1300 feet (396 m) may be used and surge protection is included.

When used for radio path testing, the Digital Data Pumper is connected to a telemetry transmitter turning it into a beacon which is received either directly or through a repeater at some new remote site. The Digital Data Pumper’s signal strength can be measured to determine the radio path’s fade margin.

The Digital Data Pumper is compatible with the digital ports of the 3200 and 3300 Series of Data Transmitters and Sierra Misco Telemetry Transmitters; Models 5050, 5096, 0800, and 0850.


Output Frequency Every 18 seconds, jumper selectable to 9 seconds
Operating Voltage 5 VDC
Current Draw
Connectors 5-pin MS female with slot for rotation
Dimensions 1 x 5.5 in (2.54 x 14 cm) Dia.xL
Weight 4 oz (113.4 g)
Shipping Weight 1 lb (0.5 kg)

Ordering Guide

Model 5500-01 ……… Digital Data Pumper with 5-pin MS connector

Model 5502-00 ……… Digital Port Test Switch/Calibrator