Earth Networks Joins the Advanced Environmental Monitoring Family of Companies

Earth Networks, a global provider of high quality, high resolution weather data and environmental intelligence from the world’s largest hyperlocal weather network, joins the Advanced Environmental Monitoring family of companies.

December 10, 2019 – Germantown, MD – Union Park Capital, a Boston based private equity firm focused on lower middle-market industrial technology investments, today announced the acquisition of Earth Networks, based in Germantown, MD.

For over 25 years, Earth Networks has helped organizations across the globe mitigate financial, operational and human risk by providing environmental intelligence from the world’s largest hyperlocal weather networks. Operating over 1,700 sensors across 100 countries, the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network is the most advanced lightning detection network in the world. Its ability to comprehensively monitor both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning enables the creation of faster severe weather alerts, lightning-derived radar alternatives and real-time storm visualization.

Earth Networks will join Union Park’s Advanced Environmental Monitoring platform (“AE Monitoring”) and will partner with the current businesses within the AE Monitoring family, including Davis Instruments, OneRain, High Sierra, Vieux & Associates, FTS, and Lambrecht Meteo. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Together, these entities can provide full-stack, end-to-end application solutions for customers across a multitude of industry applications.

“We are delighted to add Earth Networks to the AE Monitoring family. Having built the world’s largest lightning detection network, Earth Networks is playing a critical role in delivering weather safety solutions to protect people and assets in markets around the world,” says Peter McGuire, Partner & Co-Founder at Union Park Capital. “Their global data services and alerting applications enable differentiated value driven from their proprietary environmental networks,” said Peter.

“We are very excited for Earth Networks to join the Advanced Environmental Monitoring family,” says Rich Spaulding, CEO of Earth Networks. “By combining the unique technology and assets of Earth Networks, with the proven capabilities within other companies in the AE Monitoring portfolio, we are extremely enthusiastic about bringing broader and deeper solutions to our clients.”

About Earth Networks, Inc.
Earth Networks helps organizations mitigate financial, operational and human risk by providing environmental intelligence from the world’s largest hyperlocal weather network. Schools, airports, sports teams, utilities and government agencies rely on our early warning solutions to safeguard lives, prepare for weather events and optimize operations. Companies across all industries use our weather data to automate decisions regarding risk management, business continuity, and asset protection. For more information, visit

About Advanced Environmental Monitoring
Advanced Environmental Monitoring (AE Monitoring) was formed by Union Park Capital in 2018. AE Monitoring is combining global leaders to provide reliable and innovative environmental monitoring and analysis solutions. Our family of innovators offer world-class technologies and services, including sensors, dataloggers, telemetry, and software that provide advanced analytics and prediction. These technologies enable decision makers to improve their reaction time to weather and environmental events, helping to protect communities, people and infrastructure. For more information, visit

About Union Park Capital
Union Park Capital is a private equity firm solely focused on lower middle-market industrial technology companies. Union Park takes a long-term perspective to help stakeholders build value over time and drives value creation through profitably growing a business, not financial engineering. Union Park Capital is based in Boston, MA, and has extensive investments and expertise in the analytical instrumentation sector. For more information, visit