LONGMONT, CO – March 8, 2018. OneRain Incorporated (“OneRain”), Longmont, CO, and High Sierra Electronics, Inc. (“High Sierra”), Grass Valley, CA, are pleased to announce their entry into a new project with Union Park Capital (“Union Park”), a Boston-based private equity firm focused on lower middle-market industrial technology investments. OneRain and High Sierra will serve as the core platform in Union Park’s newly created Advanced Environmental Monitoring Holdings (“AE Monitoring”).

OneRain and High Sierra provide environmental monitoring systems and software to better understand and manage water-related missions and to protect lives and property. Since 1992, OneRain has helped shape the next generation of real-time hydrometeorological monitoring technology, allowing clients to optimize water management, heighten regulatory compliance, achieve successful civil works, and save lives. High Sierra, also founded in 1992, designs and manufactures systems to help identify threats posed by the weather, including flooding, dangerous road conditions, and vulnerable dams and levees. Together, with a focus on advanced technology and customer satisfaction, OneRain and High Sierra are leaders in flood warning, road weather safety, and water and wastewater management.

“We are thrilled to be joining the Union Park family,” says James Logan, who will remain as President of both OneRain and High Sierra. “As our relationship with Union Park developed, we quickly realized our vision for the future could not have been more aligned. Their strategy of keeping businesses operating autonomously and their willingness to allow us to continue to pursue our goals was very appealing. With the investment from Union Park, we’ll have the resources to expand our product and service capability for our customers.”

“James Logan and his team have done a fantastic job leading these two wonderful businesses,” notes Peter McGuire, Partner at Union Park Capital. “We have the utmost respect for what they have accomplished and could not be happier to have James continue at the helm of OneRain and High Sierra. It’s rare to find an organization with a combination of deep technical knowledge, product and service strength, and management capability. We look forward to helping these businesses grow and we are thrilled to begin the journey,” said Peter.

About OneRain Incorporated
OneRain Incorporated was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, with additional offices in Australia and Germany. In August of 2016, OneRain’s owners acquired High Sierra to expand product offerings and strengthen their position in the weather safety market. OneRain and High Sierra both have in-house development and direct sales forces in the U.S. For more information visit www.onerain.com.

About High Sierra Electronics
High Sierra Electronics was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Grass Valley, California, with additional offices in San Antonio and Fort Worth, TX, and Louisville, KY. High Sierra specializes in flood warning sensors, equipment, and transmitters for public and improved traffic safety. For more information visit www.hsierra.com.

About Union Park Capital
Union Park Capital is a private equity firm solely focused on lower middle-market industrial technology companies. Union Park takes a long-term perspective to help stakeholders build value over time and drives value creation through profitably growing a business, not financial engineering. Union Park Capital is based in Boston, MA, and has extensive investments and expertise in the analytical instrumentation sector. For more information, visit www.union-park.com.

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