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Repair and Calibration

Our Services for Optimal Product Performance

High Sierra Electronics (an AEM subsidiary) maintains in-house repair and calibration facilities in Grass Valley and Hayward, California. Our electronic technicians and engineers have extensive experience in evaluating and/or troubleshooting most any hardware challenge. Our facilities are equipped with environmental chambers, test equipment for tuning radios and calibrating pressure-sensitive devices, and sophisticated computer systems for running diagnostic and test programs.

We also have highly trained field service technicians at various locations who can visit your site and perform field repairs. Our skilled technicians have the necessary tools available to troubleshoot your equipment on site and provide recommendations on replacement equipment, if necessary.

Warranty Note
In cases where repairing or replacing your equipment may be covered by our Warranty, field replacement of that equipment by a HSE technician is not covered. If you would like a High Sierra Electronics’ Technician to install the replaced or repaired product, please contact us to obtain a quote for field repair.

Product Service and Repair Options