Packaged Weather Station Model 3451

HSE’s Model 3451 Automatic Weather Station is designed to measure and report weather conditions including rainfall, wind, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. This professional Automated Weather Station is configured to meet standard meteorological data collection requirements.

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The Weather Station – Model 3451 is designed to automatically measure and report weather conditions. The Weather Station’s weatherproof standpipe houses the transmitter and acts as an antenna tower and sensor support. The data transmitted from the weather station can be used in a number of applications such as flood and/or storm warnings, establishing historical and real time data for agriculture, marine weather forecasting, and the effects of weather changes on tidal areas.

Rainfall and wind data are reported automatically by the Weather Station on an event-actuated basis. Temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure can be set to report either on a timed basis or event actuated basis. When event actuated, the Weather Station initiates a report when a defined amount of change has occurred since the previous transmission.

When the rain gauge top section is mounted on top of the Weather Station standpipe, the rain gauge funnel opening is approximately 10 ft (3 m) above the ground.

For remote, hard to reach sites, an optional Radio Path Study can be made to analyze radio transmission paths, ensuring clean, accurate signals between various Weather Station locations.

The Model 3451 Weather Station is configured to meet standard meteorological data collection requirements and includes a weatherproof Standpipe Assembly, ALERT/IFLOWS Data Transmitter with battery, Rain Gauge Top Section, Barometric Pressure Sensor, Wind Direction/Speed Sensor, Crossarm Assembly for Wind Monitor, Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensor, Multiplate Radiation Shield, Solar Panel, Antenna, Wind Connector, and Antenna Cable & Mounting Hardware. An optional access door is recommended for ease & efficiency, and to simplify maintenance on the Weather Station.


Refer to individual Weather Station components for specifications.


Model 3451-00 Weather Station
Model 7000-13 Rain Gauge Station Standpipe Assembly, Antenna, and Mast
Model 3306-00 Rain Gauge Station ALERT/IFLOWS Data Transmitter
Model 2400-00 1 mm Rain Gauge Top Section (12 inch (30.5 mm) Orifice)
Model 5730-03 Barometric Pressure Sensor
Model 5712-00 Wind Direction/Speed Sensor
Model 5723-11 Temperature Humidity Sensor
Model 5728-00 Multiplate Radiation Shield
5300 Series Solar Panel
Model 2400-40 0.01 inch Rain Gauge Top Section (12 inch (30.5 mm)) Orifice)
Model 5790-00 Tip Rate Compensator – 0.5% accuracy
Model 5428-00 RWIS Snow Depth Sensor
Model 7000-01 Standpipe Door (Specify Position on Standpipe)
Model 7000-02 Extended Lengths of Standpipe (Price per Foot)
Model 7000-04 Mounting Bracket (to mount standpipe against walls, railings, etc.)
Model 7000-06 Conduit Mounting Tabs (hold-downs)
Model 7000-09 Standpipe Guard Ring, 16 inch h x 15.25 inch dia. (40.6 cm h x 38.7 cm dia.)
Model 7200-00 Antenna Lightning Protection
Model 7105-04 HSE High Gain Directional Antenna
Model 5301-03 100 mA Solar Panel
Series 3800 RF Power Amplifier
Radio Path Study Review and analyze radio transmission paths, at customer site, to ensure clean, accurate signals between various locations.