StormLink® RWIS – Model 5410

The StormLink® RWIS – Model 5410-00 is the heart of an NTCIP RWIS providing robust and flexible environmental measurements.


  • NTCIP protocol enables integration into existing systems.
  • Full range of atmospheric and road sensors, including in-pavement and non-intrusive.
  • Relay outputs for controlling external devices.
  • No additional software required. Configuration completed with web interface directly from data logger.
  • Flexible installation configurations. Options available for fully configured and mounted ITS equipment cabinet. Can also be provided stand-alone with back
    panel and 2U rack mount hardware.
  • Flexible communication interface. Integrated 2 port Ethernet switch allows connection to communication device and another device such as a camera or IceSight.
  • Weather responsive traffic management. Activate public warning ITS devices based on weather with integrated solid state relays and digital outputs.


The Model 5410 StormLink® RWIS is the heart of a standards based, open architecture NTCIP-compliant Road Weather Information System (RWIS). The StormLink RWIS is built for road weather managers looking for easy maintenance and a quick return on investment.

The StormLink RWIS is a datalogger utilizing the latest in data acquisition technology to provide a robust and open architecture platform. At the core of the StormLink RWIS is a Campbell Scientific, Inc. CR1000X datalogger. CSI’s dataloggers are known for their reliability and accuracy in harsh conditions and have been deployed all over the world in thousands of applications including NTCIP compliant road weather stations. HSE has harnessed this technology and packaged the system specifically for the road weather community.

The StormLink RWIS is compact and can be vertically mounted on a back panel of an equipment cabinet or rack mounted in a standard 19 inch rack using only 2U space. Sensor connections are provided using tool-less connectors with more than the required inputs to support the proposed sensor package.

All sensor inputs and outputs are protected against voltage surge with self resetting devices. This insures that if a surge does exist, the system will recover, if possible, decreasing maintenance visits to the site. The system is a low power device that is suitable for solar power applications.

The StormLink RWIS is typically housed in a NEMA rated enclosure or ITS traffic cabinet with all sensor connection routed and terminated at the datalogger.


StormLink is a registered trademark of OneRain Incorporated and used with permission.


Sensor Inputs Up to 13 single ended or 6 differential analog, 24 bit ADC
Up to 3 RS-232 serial (expandable to 18)
Up to 4 half RS-485 (expandable to 17)
Up to 4 SDI-12
2 Voltage excitation
2 pulse counting/switch closure
Outputs 8 digital 5V GPIO, 2 solid state relay 5 Amp fused (Max 40 VDC or 28 VAC)
CPU 32 bit with hardware FPU, running at 100 MHz
Communication 2 Ethernet RJ45, Serial RS-232, USB Micro-B
Memory 128 MB flash and 4 MB battery-backed SRAM
MicroSD for extended storage up to 8 GB
Clock ±3 min. per year, battery backup
optional correction using GPS (±10 μs), PakBus, or NTP
Communication Protocols NTCIP, FTP, XML, TCP, UDP, HTTP(S)
Protection Power: surge, over current and reverse polarity
Ethernet: TVS surge
Sensor Input: surge
Power Source 9 to 32 VDC
Power Consumption <4 Watts
Operating Temperature -40° to 158° F (-40° to 70° C)
Dimensions 12.5 x 5 x 3.5 in. (31.8 x 12.7 x 8.9) LxWxH without brackets; length 15
in. back panel and 19 in. rack mount configuration
Weight 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg) (Shipping 7 lbs /3.2 kg) (Shipping Weight: 7 lbs/3.2 kg)


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Model 5410-00 StormLink® RWIS; NTCIP compliant, DC power, 2U rack and back panel mountable
Model 5410-80 RWIS Power Supply – standard systems
Model 5410-81 RWIS Uninterruptible Power Supply
Model 5410-82 RWIS Power Supply – large systems



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